Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a stage.  An eager audience is watching you and waiting with hushed anticipation. You feel the adrenaline rush through your entire body as you prepare to play the first note. The music takes over and you forget all about nerves and get lost in the powerful, beautiful sounds you are creating. Time just floats  — you’re suspended in the moment — and you transcend into a space of unbound expression. The final note fades and is replaced by the roaring sound of cheers and applause reverberating throughout the entire room. You look down and see pure happiness on people’s faces and you feel that happiness magnified within yourself to the highest degree.

I have been fortunate enough to experience what I just described many times in my life, and I can only hope to re-create it many more times as the years go on. As much as I love performing, I have an equal passion for sharing this gift with others. Many of you out there have music inside you and it’s longing to be heard. Creating moments of magic through music requires dedication and hard work. And doing the work to become great calls for more than just a strong desire to succeed. It requires having a teacher who inspires, challenges and believes in you. My hope is to be that teacher for you. My hope is to create a space that is supportive and comfortable for you to discover and play. Through the joy of making music, my hope is that you will inspire others to explore their talents and spread joy through their own unique avenues of expression.



WHERE: The Shout! House 

655 4th Ave, San Diego CA 92101




RockIT challenged me in so many ways other than just musically. Jon was an amazing teacher — personable, funny, insightful — and the final performance was an absolute blast. Forget music lessons, or toast masters, or any other seminar on public speaking. RockIT is six weeks of extensive music knowledge and development, capped off by a performance that will allow you to overcome any fear of speaking or performing in public.  I can’t recommend the program enough.”

“The more you know, the less you know.  I’ve been in this awesome music program with @joncoylemusic these past six weeks, where I’ve been learning drums, guitar, piano and how to harmonize when I sing. And honestly I’m so uncomfortable. I think that the more that we grow, we realize that we know so little. You think you know something and then when you go up and are so uncomfortable on stage, it brings up all of these afflictions. These spaces where you realize you’re so resistant at not being the best at something or not being good at something. Because as we age, you stick to what you know and what you’re good and comfortable at.  Jon was patient with my newbie ways. And also encouraging in a way I felt compelled to work harder for myself and him. His ease and comfort on stage was the same ease he exuded with me In lessons and I’m forever grateful for his immaculate understanding and love of the craft.” 

“The RockIT program helped me appreciate what it takes to put a song and performance together and all of the intricacies that go along with it. Jon can break down a song without effort. He had an amazing way of stripping away each part of a song and helping the students understand, which was difficult because of the different experience levels. A big part of what made the program so enjoyable is that you really felt in a safe place with Jon. He was always there to support, be a friend, and push to get the best out of you. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is considering signing up. It’s a great learning experience both personally and professionally. Most importantly, it’s a ton of fun!” 

“This program gave me the confidence to work on a lifelong dream of mine to play the piano.  Jon created an atmosphere that was a safe adult learning experience while also making each session individually challenging, but most importantly FUN!” 

“RockIT Music program was 1) an opportunity for me to rediscover my passion for music, 2) a chance to do something that scares me and 3) a really cool space to learn and grow friendships. I took lessons for years as a teen but had never experienced such a unique approach to learning and performing music. Jon is a master musician; the RockIT Method, his magic formula for learning any song, was so simple and so effective. In six weeks, he challenged us to not only learn over 10 new songs but also to sing and play together on stage. I stepped far out of my comfort zone to perform live during our final graduation for nearly 200 of our friends and family – I never thought I could sing and play like that in front of so many people! Thank you, Jon, for helping us to create such an unforgettable music experience, both exhilarating and rewarding. I can’t wait to ROCKIT in Level 2!




– Jon Coyle

Jon Coyle began his music career playing for family and friends at home in Long Island, NY when he was five years old.  A couple of decades and a few bands later, Jon now performs as a solo artist in San Diego, CA. Jon is a master musician; in addition to singing, he plays a variety of instruments, including the piano, guitar, bass, and drums. As the Creative Director and Piano Player at The SHOUT! House, a dueling piano bar San Diego, Jon brings his creative talent to the stage and directs fantastic music entertainment events. His versatility as an artist has created opportunities to perform at private events, yoga retreats, and many other unique venues.

Jon’s mission is to share his passion for music with others through performance and through teaching. His unique music program, RockIT Music, was designed to make learning music exciting and accessible for all. For Jon, music is an avenue of expression – a special lense through which share our experiences and interpretations of life. Be encouraged to tune into his work and his mission. He hopes you enjoy what you hear and become inspired to explore new ways of expressing yourself.

When he is not creating music, Jon spends time with his girlfriend, plays with his dog, Allie, and teaches vinyasa yoga at CorePower. Namaste.

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